Robust lighting and marking solutions To ensure the optimal safety to your wind farm

Wind turbines

To ensure safe navigation around windfarms, wind turbines that exceed 150 metres above ground level and 60 metres offshore generally need to be marked with obstacle lighting. Visual information must be clear and unambiguous however many factors affect obstruction marking requirements including weather, terrain and proximity to airports.

Orga has a solid reputation for smart, reliable and robust lighting and marking solutions for onshore and offshore wind farms. Designed to operate in harsh environments, our high, medium and low intensity lights use advanced LED optical technology to meet international and national regulations including ICAO, FAA and UK CAA, deliver optimum performance and lower the total cost of ownership.

Most offshore wind turbines require the same light specifications as onshore projects. However if you need to meet special national requirements (e.g. Germany, UK) we have the product version you need to comply with country specific regulations.

To complement our range of aviation obstruction lights we have, in collaboration with UK CAA, developed a new status light to ensure safe helicopter hoist operations on UK offshore wind turbine platforms. Compliant with draft UK CAA CAP437 standards, the light provides pilots with visual confirmation that the wind turbine is fully shut down and in safe mode to allow winching to commence.

International compliant obstacle lighting system

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Obstruction lighting system

For more than 40 years companies across the globe have come to rely on Orga Aviation for effective and reliable state-of-the-art aviation marking and lighting systems. Used to reduce airspace hazards by making tall structures more visible to passing aircraft during both day and night-time, Orga Aviation safety lighting solutions are installed worldwide.
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