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Helideck lighting

Status lights

Essentially, a helideck status light tells a helicopter pilot not to land on the helideck during conditions deemed to be hazardous for the helicopter, its occupants or others. Orga’s L425EX-700 is a high-intensity warning beacon that flashes red light at an intensity of 700Cd. The status light is part of Orga’s Touchdown/Positioning Marking Circle and Heliport Identification Marking ‘H’ LED lighting system and it is governed by a control panel that interfaces with your platform’s fire and gas detection system.

Status lights
Explosion proof LED helideck status (wave-off) light.

Why do you need a helideck status light?

A helideck status light is necessary to warn the pilot not to land on the helideck in the event of a hazard. This could, for example, be the release of gas that might constitute an explosion hazard, or the presence of an obstruction or personnel on or near the helideck. It goes without saying that the light is suitable for use in zones 1 and 2 gas explosion hazard areas.

The Orga helideck status light has been specifically designed to meet ICAO and IMO regulatory requirements, as well as the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s latest CAP437 standard for helideck lighting systems. Regarding the latter, the helideck status light is an essential prerequisite for compliance with CAP437, which initially set out guidance standards for offshore helicopter landing areas and which, from 2018 onwards, will become mandatory in British waters. Failure to comply with CAP437 will mean your helideck will be restricted to daytime flights only.

Why choose Orga’s helideck status lights?

Orga’s helideck status light offers clear advantages, such as the reliability and long life that is facilitated by the use of state-of-the-art, high power LEDs and technology. It also boasts easy installation, long maintenance intervals and low power consumption, thanks to an efficient optical design. Furthermore, a low profile makes it possible to attach the light’s stainless steel mounting facilities directly on to the helideck. An integrated junction box and the application of a high quality protective coating on its cast light alloy base gives it optimum resistance to the harsh offshore environment. Orga is the way ahead when it comes to making your helideck CAP437 compliant.

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New brand identity | Orga

The way ahead with a fresh look

We are proud of our heritage of 45 years as trusted partner in solutions for marking assets and landing areas to ensure safe operations. Now it was time to reflect our ongoing strive for innovation and vibrant relationships in a brand new identity. We want our brand to reflect our values and capabilities in protecting people, assets and the environment. You will notice new and refreshed identity elements like our logo and brighter colours. The yellow reflects a linkage to signaling and safety marking. We kept our lower case Orga letters referring to our heritage and DNA.

New website

The new brand identity will be introduced over the coming period. An important step will be a new website which will be launched soon. The new site will be more inspiring and user-friendly in demonstrating Orga’s solutions and proven track record. Stay tuned!

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