Renewable power supply

In order to provide risk free power to a remote location, the design of renewable power supply systems can take several forms; photo voltaic, wind and many more. Orga’s offshore team will review clients requirements and assist in the design and engineering of a reliable and cost effective system. The choice of technology selection for each project will depend on factors such as geographic location, power requirements, available size and space.

The PV (photo voltaic) system is reliable and guarantees the power supply in periods when there is no main AC power available. The PV system consists of PV module, battery unit, battery charger or rectifier unit and a distribution system. Whenever possible we design modular systems to be cost effective, easy to handle and multiple module scan operated in parallel to meet project requirements.

We work closely with our clients to understand the requirements of all the parties involved and help to develop the most suitable solution to provide effective and reliable systems. Our proven long-term experience in renewable energy systems in addition to Orga’s products within the offshore oil & gas and wind power industries give us an unmatched understanding of our clients’ technical and environmental requirements.