Photo voltaic modules Designed to survive in harsh and demanding offshore environments

Photovoltaic systems Explosion proof photovoltaic systems for the offshore sector

Risk free power To remote locations

Remote Power

Effective and reliable remote power supply systems are essential for effective viability of remote offshore structures. Orga’s Offshore team is able to bring a track record of design, engineering and supply to this growing field and can support clients to reach the best possible solutions to meet their requirements.

Our offshore renewable power supply systems are not just about photo voltaic modules and batteries – we provide a complete solution, and work with our customers to develop systems, including selection of energy efficient equipment, adapted to their requirements. We understand the objectives of the project stakeholders and balance these with the need to meet regulatory requirements and ensure safe operation.

We offer innovative products and apply the latest technology to e.g. smart and simple photo voltaic modules, solar regulators and control panels. Our systems, with integrated condition monitoring facilities, are recognised as state of the art, reliable, energy saving and operationally cost-effective.

Renewable power supply

In order to provide risk free power to a remote location, the design of renewable power supply systems can take several forms; photo voltaic, wind and many more. Orga's offshore team will review clients requirements and assist in the design and engineering of a reliable and cost effective system. The choice of technology selection for each project will depend on factors such as geographic location, power requirements, available size and space.

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