Cutting edge marine navaids systems Compliant for use in all global waters

Aids to navigation

The adequate marking of man-made offshore platforms is vital to ensure the safety of navigation and protect the structure and its personnel.

With increasing demands for the latest technology, improved safety and reduced total cost of ownership, Orga’s continuing drive for innovation has developed the very latest in cutting-edge marine aids to navigation systems.

Our latest offshore platform marking and warning system provides a robust, durable and cost-effective digital solution for the demanding global offshore energy industries. The state-of-the-art modular design allows easy set up and maintenance while the touchscreen user interface enables full system interaction to control and monitor our Circle-H helideck lighting system as well as our LED energy efficient marine lanterns, foghorns and marine radar beacons (racon), visibility meters and photocells for automatic control during night-time or poor visibility.

Our new system is specifically designed to help you meet or exceed all IALA and local-authority operational and safety requirements for aids to navigation on offshore installations and is compliant for use in all global waters. It is also available for certified IECEx and ATEX (Zone 1).


Aids to Navigation system to meet international and local regulatory requirements.

Orga's full range of Aids to Navigation lighting products creates a complete solution for the world wide regulations for offshore installations. Experience the Orga products by navigating through the interactive chart and find out which products you need for your system.

Aids to navigation system

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change regulations requires three types of marine lanterns, main, secondary and subsidiary in order to meet their ‘Standard marking schedule for offshore installations regulations’. The regulatory requirements are designed to allow the safe marking of offshore structures and vessels during night and low visibility conditions. Automatic activation and monitoring is available and in conjunction with redundancy capabilities and low maintenance requirements this makes the Orga Offshore product range the leading supplier of both visual and audible Aids to Navigation systems worldwide.
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