Smart aviation obstruction lights For marking hazards to aircraft

High-rise structures

While no single standard exists to define minimum mandatory requirements for obstruction lighting on tall buildings, high-rise structures, towers and skyscrapers, the most common and widespread regulations include ICAO and FAA.

Orga’s innovative high, medium and low intensity obstruction lighting solutions are used all around the world to make high-rise structures more visible to passing aircraft during both day and night-time. With a firm focus on safety, our market-driven aviation obstruction lighting systems bring together a host of innovative features including advanced LED, optical, power and system control technologies to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications.

Our obstruction lights are built in a rugged housing unit specifically designed for hostile conditions. In addition to industry standard test and certification programmes, our LED products have successfully passed lightning simulation and EMC compliance tests.

Battery back-up systems, visibility sensor systems, controllers with advanced communication interfaces are available to complement your Orga aviation obstruction lighting system. The systems are compatible with all current aircraft detection input tracking technologies allowing automatic light operation only when aircraft are in the immediate vicinity of the hazard.

For military requirements, we have designed and developed infrared aviation obstruction lights for viewing with night vision aids in collaboration with national military flying agencies.