Smart obstruction light solutions For on-and offshore wind turbines and high-rise structures

Wind turbine project solutions Designed to operate on offshore wind locations world wide

Marking high-rise structures In compliance with the latest ICAO and FAA recommendations


Building on 40 years of knowledge and expertise in aviation obstruction lighting, Orga Aviation leads the industry in smart and innovative cost-efficient solutions for marking onshore and offshore wind turbines and high-rise structures that occupy airspace.

We know the demands that you face. You need reliable lighting systems to ensure safe navigation around your sites and to provide safe access to turbines and structures for maintenance. Strict ICAO, FAA, UK CAA and civil aviation authorities’  standards need to be adhered to and challenging weather conditions call for robust, reliable and low maintenance solutions.

Optical engineering at its best, our range of energy saving obstruction lighting systems are certified to international and national regulatory standards, effective and durable in the harshest of environments and designed to lower total cost of ownership. We work directly with customers worldwide to develop creative obstruction lighting solutions for specific requirements. In addition, we collaborate with local stakeholders and aviation related bodies around the world.

Orga Aviation designs and manufacturers smart obstruction lighting systems for wind turbines, telecommunication and broadcasting towers, electricity transmission towers, chimneys, buildings, bridges and other high-rise structures.

Wind turbines

Orga has a solid reputation for providing reliable and robust lighting and marking solutions for offshore wind farms. Designed to operate in the harshest environments around the world, our offshore wind farm solutions are based upon modular system integration related to country and project specific requirements. With all components meeting industry standards, we can design a complete lighting and marking system to ensure the optimal safety to your wind farm.

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High-rise structures

Orga Aviation’s innovative high, medium and low intensity obstruction lighting solutions are used all around the world to make tall structures more visible to passing aircraft during both day and night-time for collision advoidance.

With a firm focus on safety, Orga’s market-driven aviation obstruction lighting systems for high-rise structures worldwide bring together a host of innovative features including advanced LED, optical, power and system control technologies to meet the challenges of the most demanding applications.

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