For offshore assets to operate safely it is necessary to mark them with ‘NavAids’, also known as Aids to Navigation. The NavAids on an asset make sure your structure is visible from every angle, in every weather condition. Orga offers a complete navigation aid system fully in line with the required regulation(s).

With more than 45 years of experience our products are built to the latest technology, using LED energy efficient marine lanterns. Our product portfolio also contains foghorns, visibility meters, external photocells and racons and can be used for different markets. From production platform, to drilling rigs, FPSO’s and even in decommissioning phases.

“With over 45 years of experience in NavAids, Orga is widely known to be industry’s number one supplier.”

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Navigational aids

Benefits NavAids system

Touch screen controller | Orga

Touch screen interface

The touchscreen display in this system provides the necessary controls & indications and shows historical data of the system operation and performance.

Installation and maintenance | Orga

Easy replacing & maintenance

We approach the service and maintenance design of our systems like a pit-stop. The system is designed in modules and is easy & quick to replace.

Digital system | Orga

Remote monitoring

The digital system is designed to meet with future digital age of the offshore industry with several options for remote monitoring and control.

Proven trackrecord | Orga

Regulatory requirements

This system is designed to meet both your specific requirements and the international IALA recommendations and is zone 1 certified for the use in a gas hazardous area.

Cost efficient | Orga

Low cost of ownership

This reliable system has a long life span and requires minimal maintenance. We call this Fit & Forget design!

Aids to navigation solutions | Orga

Reliable and easy monitoring with our digital Navaids control panel

All our NavAids products can be controlled and monitored completely remotely by our Digital Navaids Central Control Panel (D-NCCP). This explosion proof control panel shows status of all connected products by means of a touchscreen display, for example all connected alarms and notifications.
The incorporated I/O module makes sure the panel can easily communicate with the platform control system. When providing a hard wired contact, such as Modbus or Ethernet it is also efficient for unmanned offshore platforms. Checking status on remote locations will save you unnecessary transportation and will reduce maintenance costs on longer term. The system is based on a modular design which makes it compatible with other Orga solutions, such as Helideck and Obstruction Lighting solutions.

Your safety is our concern

With more than 45 years of experience in navigational aids, Orga is widely known to be industry’s number one supplier. Throughout the years we have managed to build up a strong relationship with national and international regulators. Therefore we can guarantee that all our NavAids products are complaint with all IALA (International Association of Lighthouse Authorities) and local requirements. It is also certified for use in all waters worldwide. Orga helps you stay ahead.

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