Orga’s Obstruction light system marks the world’s biggest wind turbine

Orga’s Obstruction light system marks the world’s biggest wind turbine

12 mei 2017

Orga is proud to announce that our obstruction light system has been installed on the world’s biggest and most powerful wind turbine, located in Maade, Denmark.

The turbine stands at an unprecedented height of 722 feet (220 metres). Built by MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, the giant blades are each 80 metres long and the turbine can produce a record-breaking 260,000 kWh every 24 hours. To give an impression of scale, the rotator of the turbine alone is substantially bigger than the London Eye.

Orga’s obstruction light solutions are used all over the world to mark structures like wind turbines, that might present a hazard to aviation. For over 40 years, Orga has been delivering high quality and efficient solutions for marking assets to ensure safe operations. Our up-to-date and reliable obstruction light system offers the benefits of advanced LED, optical and system-control technology, that meets the most demanding applications in the harshest of surroundings. At Orga we don’t just help our clients meet challenges, we can help our clients stay ahead of them.

The advantages of our obstruction lights speak for themselves. To name but a few of these advantages, they are lightweight, easy to install, have extremely low wind resistance, an optical design that produces a highly accurate and uniform narrow beam, and they require zero maintenance over their service life. Moreover, power consumption is extremely low and, thanks to an integrated design with built-in photocell and monitoring, no additional power supply enclosures are required. Add a five-year warranty to all these advantages and the choice of Orga aviation warning lights, becomes an obvious one.

Thanks to our expertise and proven track record in obstruction light solutions, coupled with our in-house research and development department, Orga has gained the trust of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind to become its preferred supplier. This company is a joint venture between Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), two of the global leaders in wind power and offshore ventures.

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New brand identity | Orga

The way ahead with a fresh look

We are proud of our heritage of 45 years as trusted partner in solutions for marking assets and landing areas to ensure safe operations. Now it was time to reflect our ongoing strive for innovation and vibrant relationships in a brand new identity. We want our brand to reflect our values and capabilities in protecting people, assets and the environment. You will notice new and refreshed identity elements like our logo and brighter colours. The yellow reflects a linkage to signaling and safety marking. We kept our lower case Orga letters referring to our heritage and DNA.

New website

The new brand identity will be introduced over the coming period. An important step will be a new website which will be launched soon. The new site will be more inspiring and user-friendly in demonstrating Orga’s solutions and proven track record. Stay tuned!

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