Orga solar power supply system used in Straatman’s revolutionary mooring solution

Orga solar power supply system used in Straatman’s revolutionary mooring solution

19 april 2017

Orga, a leading developer and manufacturer of global explosion proof aids to navigation, aviation obstruction lighting and renewable remote power supply systems, has supplied 32 solar power systems to Machinefabriek L. Straatman to power their quick release mooring hooks and integrated capstans at the port in Rotterdam.

Machinefabriek L. Straatman (Straatman) – a Dutch-based company renowned for its high quality dredging and mooring equipment – approached Orga in 2013 following an informal request from the port in Rotterdam to investigate alternative energy sources to power their capstans. The port aims to be the most sustainable and innovative port in the world.

With a proven background in offshore explosion proof equipment and remote power systems for hazardous areas, Orga had the knowledge and expertise needed to design the unique solar power system required by Straatman.

By analysing and evaluating solar radiation data for the location as well as complete load capacity requirements, Orga engineered a tailor-made solar and back-up power system for Straatman’s quick release mooring hooks.

The Straatman Solar system includes solar panels, working lights, navigation lights, battery pack and control box with a real-time data logging system which provides the capability to remotely monitor and control each unit. Reports, log files and alarms are automatically generated.

Providing immediate insight to system details – including available energy, energy consumption, battery quality, use of the emergency button and exact time of capstan use – Straatman’s new solar-powered solution enables reliable and 100% safe mooring operations, reduction of corrective maintenance and a more accurate schedule for preventative maintenance.

Other benefits of the system include:

During the past two years, the ATEX-certified design has been proven in practice in Rotterdam’s Port. Indeed, the system has proved so successful that Straatman won the runner-up award for ‘Innovation in Port Equipment’ at the inaugural Dredging & Port Construction Innovation Awards 2016, held last November in London.

Peter Van Dam, Product Group Manager X-Proof at Orga, said: “While this is a new market for Orga, our skills and expertise in explosion proof equipment and solar power supply systems – honed during the last 40 years – perfectly positioned us to meet the challenge set by Straatman. We look forward to exploring more opportunities in this field, together with Machinefabriek L. Straatman.”

Gertjan Strietman, CEO of Machinefabriek L. Straatman, said: “Innovation is challenging. The collaboration with Orga helped us to develop this reliable power source for our “green” quick release mooring solutions. Their knowhow of explosion proof technology in combination with sustainable power sources was the key of our success.”


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